WeightMax 1-52-31 , 2.5KG

WeightMax 1-52-31 , 2.5KG

WeightMax 5-58-17 , 2.5KG

WeightMax 5-58-17 , 2.5KG

WeightMax 1-52-31 , 1KG

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WeightMax 1-52-31 used to promote increased yield and ensures a strong final ripening stage. 

Feed WeightMax 1 to 2 weeks before harvest.   

1 Tea Spoon mix 5 gal of water if you choose to mixed with other comparable plantfood. 

1 Flat Tea Sppon mix 1 gal of water. This feeding rate mixed with water only. Do not feed this rate with other plant food. 

We recommeded use our WeightMax Calcium and WeightMax CaMg once a week during growing cycle to avoid plants issues happen.

NOTE:  Buy WeightMax Calcium  seperately when you see your plants leaves yellow, brown spots, curling  leaves or Death of Terminal Buds. Our WeightMax Calcium will solves the problems.  Feed seperate. 

NOTE: Buy WeightMax CaMg seperately when you see your plants weak, light yellow leaves, light black spots leaves. Our WeightMax CaMg will help to solve to problems.  Feed Seperate. 

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